How Precious are you About Your Brand?

Watching the various mashups and alternative endings of Tyrion’s dramatic Game of Thrones courtroom speech last week inspired me to raise the subject of how well brands “get it” in terms of encouraging of user generated content in the form of memes and mashups that rapidly gather likes and shares across the digital universe.

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It’s all about voice, stupid!

So if you are sufficiently up with the play to be trying to get your head around the implications of semantic search (and if you are not a software engineer this can be pretty challenging) and you are looking for someone to shine a light on the subject, hopefully this post will help. ok google

It dawned on me, after recently immersing myself in a pile of reading into new technologies, machine learning, impacts of semantic search and the whole Hummingbird algo ball of wax, that one way to make sense of it all is to focus on voice.

When I say voice, I mean voice activated search – which for iPhone users can mean Siri, or Ok Google.

If you are not using it yet, when you use the Google app on your smartphone, the microphone in the middle of the screen under the search box can be ‘turned on’ without touch, by simply saying “Ok Google” to your phone. (You need to make sure the microphone is turned on for Google in your settings for it to work). read more


Sharing: Viral or Communal?

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Like many of you, I am a fan of Seth Godin and a regular reader of his blog posts, and a number of his books. I think he is a very intelligent man and I agree with his stance on marketing and communicating in a digital world.


Just now though, I was reading one of his latest posts and it occurred to me that although for many, the pinnacle of success is to have something “go viral”, a concept (viral marketing) that was created by Godin, perhaps it shouldn’t be our holy grail after all.

The word viral has been made synonymous something that is shared on a massive basis, something suitably “contagious” – like the Gangnam Style video with its billion plus views. read more


2013: The Year We Put People First?

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Seems to me that it’s time for some change. My wish for 2013 (and the years that follow) is that I come across, read about and hear about more and more people in positions of power choosing to put people first.

People before profit, before political party lines, before religious rigidity. read more


Reddit worthy?

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Every blogger loves to see regular traffic coming into their blog. Some of us don’t care how people find us, just that they do – somehow.

It’s one of several modern versions of the ever delightful popularity contest that has emerged in the world of social media.

Funny thing is, the main traffic to my blog these days seems to be people looking for a Reddit image.

Just the Reddit logo – and for whatever reason, the Reddit logo I used happens to rank highly in image search.

Yep this image right here.

Question I have is, why so many searching for the Reddit logo? And why does mine rank so highly in image search? There are plenty of others, they all look pretty much the same tbh. read more


The Secret of Success: Don’t Piss People Off

My new philosophy – in fact I’m thinking of writing a book about it, is just that.

If you want to keep your clients and customers, and win new ones, and keep your employees – and recruit new ones, just keep it simple. Don’t piss them off.

Seems straightforward and obvious doesn’t it?

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What’s Facebook Done for You Lately?

With Facebook shares on a downward slide, if you were one of the early investors, then you would probably say not much. If you invested early and think FB has bottomed out, then according to the “dollar cost averaging” approach, now is the time to buy more shares, thus averaging out the per share cost across your portfolio.

If you are just a Facebook user, not an owner, is it working for you right now? How is your engagement and your ROI? read more


R-E-S-P-E-C-T: An all too rare quality among “digital natives”?

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In the world of light speed change that is the social media universe, being self-taught is the norm rather than the exception, and the average age of social media specialists gets younger every day.

Unfortunately, in this environment of no degrees, no rules, no hierarchy, some also seem to be suffering from a lack of respect.

Yes, you may be a “wunderkind” when it comes to getting eyeballs on social content, or launching the next ubiquitous meme, but the basic rules of business, teamwork and respect for others are still highly relevant. read more


#Facebook #Google+ #Pinterest #LinkedIn #Help?!!

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Are you overwhelmed yet? Ready to head for the hills and a social media detox? As a consultant advising our clients on what forms of social media they should be engaging in from a business perspective, the reality is that for many business owners, marketing managers and product managers, the world of social media is simply becoming more and more difficult to a) understand b) manage and c) demonstrate a ROI for. read more


Getting ‘Personal’ on #Social Media

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Fresh from participating in iStrategy Sydney, I must say that one thing in particular stood out for me. No matter how much businesses and marketers want to find ways to monetise the social media experience, the fact remains that social channels are first and foremost for ‘ordinary people’ – that is, all of us, to enjoy connecting and communicating with each other, about things they find of interest – or equally, things they hate. read more

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